April 8, 2014

All You Magazine: Confetti Cork Frame DIY

So guess what?  This cute frame was in All You magazine...in December.  Can you believe it has taken me this long to post about it?  But thankfully it was a project you can do any time of the year. I was part of their fun Take This, Make That challenge where they ask two craft bloggers to take a material (in this case it was wine corks) and make a project for under $5 and in under 5 steps. 
Here is how I did mine...

February 10, 2014

"Shot Through The Heart" Rice Krispie Treats

As Valentine's Day approaches I have been having some fun with little craft ideas specifically centered around my kiddos.  My hubby and I definitely love the romantic thing but having little ones, we make Love Day a family affair. So these little treats are sure to delight any kid who receives them.

These arrow heart treats are super simple.  Start off by making any basic Rice Krispie Treat recipe (its on the box). ;)  As they are cooling in the pan, cut out heart shapes using a heart shaped cookie cutter.  I find the metal ones make it much easier to do.

When your treats are completely cooled, slide a 6 inch bamboo skewer diagonally through each heart.  You will create the arrows after putting the skewers through each treat.
I used two paper punches for my arrows but you can cut out the shapes with scissors just as easily.  The point is a triangle shape and the fletching (yeah...I had to look that up.  I would have called it the feather thingy) is a ribbon shape.
Obviously the arrow part is just a simple triangle.  Cut and you are done.  Put a dab of hot glue on the pointy end of your skewer and press.
For the fletching, feather thingy...Cut out your ribbon shape and fold in half  with the open side facing up. Cut at an angle (like the red arrow shown).  Open up and hot glue the patterned side of the paper and glue with the sides folded up a bit.


Serve with some yummy milk (topped with some sprinkles) and you are all set for a love day snack!

January 24, 2014

Mini Love Notes on a String

Hey friends. 
(she says with her tail tucked between her legs)
Is there a way to blog and have a life?  I just need to know.  I am constantly lamenting this to you yet I have found no viable solution that will enable me to craft and blog while meeting the needs of my family.  Who comes unequivocally first.
But this space gives me such joy...such satisfaction using gifts that only a creative God could give.  I love using my hands to create things yet I see how life is literally fast forwarding and I miss it when I am staring at a bright glowing screen that draws me in and then traps me there until I can shake myself out of it.  I know there are people who can do this...this balance thing.  But for me....someone gets the short end of the stick and it s often at the cost of someone I love.

December 29, 2013

Sparkly Pink Glasses: Perfect For New Years Eve

I am declaring that the whole wide world needs clear, pink glasses with gold, sparkly bling on them.  Because pink and gold sparkly things are just plain happy and everyone needs to be happy.  
I specifically made these as a New Year's Eve must have outfit accessory.  I adore all the embellished sunglasses I have seen out there but I love the idea of wearing a pair of embellished glasses at night and these would be perfect for a NYE celebration! Golden confetti and some glitter? I'm all in.

December 12, 2013

Christmas Packaging Ideas

So are any of you like DOWN TO THE WIRE on getting all your Christmas stuff done? Whew...I still have loads to do.  But I wanted to take a quick sec to pop in and show you some fun packaging ideas for the holidays and even for the everyday. I shared some of these over at According to Kelly a few weeks back but wanted to give you a peek here too.  Some of these are archived from a few years back but the one above is new. :) Those pom poms will also be goodies that will be available in my shop if I ever get it open.

I am big time crushing on the Felt and Yarn for the colorful packaging above.  I will pretty much pom pom anything so putting a bunch of jumbo ones on a box and throwing some washi tape on there for a little something extra (and perfect for a sweet, merry message) was a must. :) I had such fun making these colorful and cozy packages using simple techniques like tying off a box with yarn and making a felt flower garland with a little flag taped on with washi tape.  

November 30, 2013

Fast and Simple Photo Advent Calendar

OK.  So I know it is the last day of November.  I am getting this in by the skin of my teeth because I am literally creating an advent calendar at the last minute. GAH! But I figured some of you are still in a turkey fog (like me) and need a quick last minute advent idea to kick off December tomorrow (again, like me). And technically...you have all day tomorrow too. See?  I enable the procrastination further. That's a true DIY friend.
Anyway.  Here is what you need to get...

25 Kraft Paper envelopes
printable number tags (I got mine here)
black and white photos from past family Christmases
clips and /or twine for hanging
washi tape or glue stick to attach numbers

November 22, 2013

Advent Calendar Kit (In a suitcase)

Hey there friends!  Just wanted to give you a heads up that I am over at I Heart Nap Time today with a quick and easy idea to make an Advent Calendar Kit to give as a gift.  It's a perfect idea for a hostess gift on Thanksgiving.  I knew I couldn't post it here for another few weeks so I wanted to be sure you saw it before December 1st.  So head on over there and let me know what you think!
xo, Jessica